A Phenomenal Tribute to the Fab Four

BackBeat... A Tribute recreates the excitement and thrill of seeing the greatest rock and roll legends of all time. A fantastic and phenomenal tribute to the Beatles, BackBeat... A Tribute went for perfection from day one. From exact replicas of the classic "Beatles" suits made to order and authentic "Beatle" boots, to wigs/haircuts and exact replicas of the Beatles instruments. BackBeat... A Tribute recreates the aura and sound of the most famous musical group in history through three phases of the Beatles career.


The Concert Experience

ACT ONE:"The Early Years"

All the Best of the Beatles from The Early Years through Abbey Road. A classic, all-live, in concert experience of seeing the Beatles onstage circa 1964-1965. The Beatles as seen on the Ed Sullivan Show, in their gray tuxedo suits, all the classic gear and equipment, with possibly a few surprises thrown in of things to come.


ACT TWO: "Sgt Peppers and Beyond"

After intermission, BackBeat... A Tribute takes the stage as "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band," fictional alter-egos of the Beatles in 1967. The BackBeat’s stage is now decorated with stage props recalling that era, including a Yellow Submarine. The band’s costumes make them look as if they stepped off the Sgt. Peppers Album cover. During the second set the band changes costumes again and recreates the 1969 Abbey Road Album cover with more classics from the 1968-1969 era.






G.G. Greg Agency 2015