Reggae, Soca, Calypso

Carlos Jones has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years throughout the eastern half of the United States, first as a member of the roots reggae group, "I-Tal", and then later with legendary, "First Light". As the front man for First Light, the reggae influence was evident in much of the group's music, but over time, they developed a sound unique to themselves. As one of the primary songwriters, Carlos has written and performed over 100 songs with the group and release 1 vinyl album, 2 cassettes and 2 CD's that sold in excess of 50,000 units on the group's own label, "Thin Ice Records."

Feeling the need to get back to his musical roots, Carlos formed the Peace-Love-Unity-Syndicate (aka The PLUS Band) as a side project, while First Light was still playing together. After First Light disbanded, the PLUS Band became the primary vehicle for Carlos' immense songwriting talents. Focusing on the need to create positive vibrations through his music, Carlos' message of Peace, Love, and Unity is one that stirs feelings in audiences of all ages and races. Blending many traditional percussion instruments with electronic keyboarding gives the music a unique hybrid style of roots reggae. Of course, tying it all together is his warm, sensual voice with a sound that emanates directly from the soul. When you hear the voice, you know that this is a man who loves what he is doing.

About the Band

The Plus Band came about in 1994 when founder, Carlos Jones, frontman for the popular group, First Light and former member of I-Tal (One of Cleveland's first reggae bands) felt the need to get back to the roots reggae music that caught fire in his soul over twenty years ago.

Carlos Jones and the PLUS  Band deliver a dose of soulful reggae with lyrics that concentrate heavily on a message of spirituality, peace, harmony within the human race and the world we live in. The band knows how to stir up the party as well with some light hearted soca and calypso numbers that get the crowd on their feet and rocking.


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