Multi-Part Guitar Playin' , Blended With Intelligent and Articulate Lyrics

Diana Chittester stands alone on stage with her arsenal of acoustic guitars. Her solo show is brought to life by her signature percussive multi-part playing, mimicking a full band on a solo acoustic guitar, blended with intelligent and articulate lyrics. Diana's uniquely developed guitar style is accentuated by her alternating between picking and strumming, all while pounding out bass lines and drum beats. She produces this dynamic music without the help of loopers or other technological tricks. The personal stories and vulnerability she shares on stage resonates with audiences as she invites them along on her journey. Diana’s energetic solo show provides audiences with the full experience.


Diana has shared the stage with icons like Jennifer Batten, Kim Simmonds, Kim Richey, The Michael Stanley Band and Melissa Ferrick, she’s toured in over 40 cities across the US, joined the prestigious list of “Guitar Gods” in Skinny Devil Magazine and her music is available Worldwide on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Check her out and experience the live show!




The Honest Side of Struggle:

Diana shares her music and intimate stories of the struggles she faced as an out lesbian artist in both her personal and professional life.


As the daughter of a minister, Diana's decision to publicly come out created a disconnection between her and her family.  Her songwriting became the outlet for sorting and discussing the emotions tied her journey.  However, she faced the challenge of openly performing songs written about the disconnection from her family, the religious structure  that encouraged the separation, as well as, the politics of singing love songs about women.


Diana uses her personal storytelling musical approach to openly discuss the honest side of struggle while creating an open dialogue environment which encourages questions and conversation.


WITHOUT A LABEL: An independent songwriter's experience through writing, recording, and self-distribution.


In one week, players will learn the art of songwriting, basics of recording and get an introduction to the business world of the independent artist by writing, recording and distributing their song on iTunes and Spotify.


This experience is a journey for a young writer's mind. Beginning with understanding general concepts in music, players will learn to stimulate and unlock their inner artists by crafting a song the first day of the course. Plunging into the styles of iconic folk and blues artists and discovering the techniques of rock n' roll, classic rock and modern music, writer's will begin to artistically develop their song by opening up creative musical possibilities. Examining lyrical poetry, word

play and other storytelling approaches, participants of this course will discover how to tell the story they feel their song needs to tell. To conclude the project, this course will offer an introduction to the business world of an independent songwriter. Artists will record, copyright and distribute their music by uploading the recorded song to iTunes and Spotify. Finally, the songwriters will take to the stage for a live performance of their song for friends, family, and fans.