the Interactive Live Reptile and Amphibian Program with Keith Gisser

If your campus has never had a frog invasion, an alligator walk through your cafeteria line or a monstrous constrictors visit your Union, you have never invited HERPS ALIVE! to your campus.


HERPS ALIVE!! offers formal lecture programs for all ages, roving shows and multi-cage displays. It's an interactive program where participants are encouraged to handle the animals while learning how these amazing "herptiles" live in their nature habitat, their care in captivity and little known bits of interesting information. The formal lecture features nearly 2 dozen animals, discussed one at a a time, while the display features nearly 3 dozen, including the unique Tortoise Experience

Roving programs emphasize the larger animals including eight-foot plus constricting snakes, a 25 lb tortoise an American Alligator and more. Keith Gisser, the presenter of the program, has over 30 years experience dealing with all aspects of herpetology and herpetoculture.




Having been involved as a keeper, breeder, and seller of reptiles for over thirty years years, Hereptologist, KEITH GISSER has been bringing his friendly “herptiles” to schools across the country since 1990! You will see rare lizards, pythons, alligators, turtles, frogs and a variety of snakes in a 45 minute presentation. KEITH entertains the audience with humorous insights about these mysterious creatures and invites the them to hold/touch the animals while learning about how they live in their nature habitat, how the survive in captivity, their care and the differences between them. Teacher’s study guide included.





Herps Alive! The Interactive Reptile and Amphibian Experience is pleased to announce a new interactive lecture, “Confessions of a Reptile Rescuer,” presented by program founder Keith Gisser. The lecture, which includes nearly a dozen live animals for participants to touch and hold, focuses on Gisser’s activities with his non-profit Herps Alive Foundation, which is a “public charity dedicated to saving, rehabilitating and caring for unwanted, neglected and abused reptiles and amphibians; to finding new homes for them when possible; with an emphasis on educating the public about these remarkable animals,” according to its mission statement.

“We have had some amazing rescue and rehab experiences,” explains Gisser, “and I thought we could offer this lecture, which features ONLY rescued animals, as a stand-alone program or a as a companion piece to the Herps Alive! display program that has been so popular on the college market for nearly twenty years. We have worked with law enforcement on cruelty and hoarding cases, and we also discuss the importance of responsible pet ownership and what that entails.”



G.G. Greg Agency 2015