Two Inspirational Programs -
The Magic of Life, Alcohol Awareness , Born Jewish, Raised Jamaican



The Magic of Life, Alcohol Awareness Program


The Magic of Life is an incredible, inspirational alcohol awareness program that deals with a son's story about a tragic drunk driving accident that killed his mother, and almost himself when he was nearly 8 weeks old.


Michael Gershe tells a very emotional and inspirational story about how he barely survived being hit by a drunk driver along with his family when he was just an infant. Just about every bone in his body was broken, his skull fractured and yet, Michael has gone on to live a very fulfilling and successful life. Having been called "one of the most touching and inspirational speakers I've ever had the pleasure to hear", Michael presents his story with a much different style than all others on this subject.


While the program contains humor, Michael gets serious and to the point when he talks about the drunk driving accident that changed his life. Audiences will laugh, cry, and think about their own futures as they even see a video tape of Michael, his brother, and his mother taken shortly before the incident.


As a former student-athlete, he will talk about binge drinking, peer pressure, and other dangers associated with alcohol abuse. Michael has the experience of being a stand up comedian as he blends humor with a very uplifting and inspirational story that will make the audience experience many different emotions.


The Magic of Life is more than just an alcohol awareness program. Its about realizing your potential and going after your dreams! If you are a parent, son, daughter, or simply a friend, this is a program that will change your life forever.


Jewish Born...Raised Jamaican...It's Kosher, Mon - Diversity


Shortly after a drunken driving incident killed his mother and almost himself when he was eight weeks old, a Jamaican woman and a Jewish family would never be the same. What started off as a temporary job for Dolly Morris taking care of two white Jewish boys turned into a lifetime of unconditional love and a mother role that no one would have ever imagined.


Jewish Born, Raised Jamaican  is not only a tribute to a woman who raised two Jewish boys as her own, but how Michael Gershe dealt with discrimination, anti-Semitism, and bullying, throughout his life. Due to his diverse background, he was taught to see people as they are, not based on color, religion, or even sexual preference. Jewish Born, Jamaican Raised is a powerful, humorous, and emotional program that will show the power of the human spirit when people open their hearts to others.







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