A Swingin' Affair... A Las Vegas Style Revue

A Vegas-style nightclub act featuring a frothy blend of Rat Pack-era classics, bold stage moves, and quick witted quips that keep the joint jumping. Capturing the style and essence of classic performers such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nancy Sinatra, Bobby Darin and way more baby!

Rick and Sharona Burke are two performing powerhouses who have been entertaining audiences for years with their acting, singing and dancing talents. They have been performing the "Swingin' Affair!" tribute show throughout Northeast Ohio, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Florida. They have performed for crowds from ages 3 to 100, from nightclubs to concerts to corporate and private events. The show has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Magazine, Las Vegas Review and on television and radio. Rick and Sharona have received rave reviews and a Land of Cleve Award for best musical act.



G.G. Greg Agency 2015