The Amazing One Man Band

This is a truly impressive as well as entertaining act. Tom incorporates as many as 10 different musical instruments, in a dizzying array of styles, into his one-man show. His vocals are smooth and pleasing. His sense of humor is a hoot! And most of all, his ability to play to the audience, from smooth mellow cocktail music to rowdy sing alongs, from nostalgic tunes from the old days to rockin’ dance music, makes him a great choice for almost any occasion.

Using his own pre-recorded synthesized back up music, he sounds just like a 5 piece band, or a 40 piece orchestra! A bonus when working with pre-recorded accompaniment: Tom can play at very low volume for small rooms or older audiences. But with a state of the art PA system, he can also crank it up for large halls, gymnasiums and outdoor festivals!


Program Offerings

Tom Todd performs for festivals and special events. His one man show consists of songs from today's most popular music, and reaches back to favorites from the 30's-60's. A lively mix of pop-rock, country, big band oldies and jazz numbers adds up to FUN for people of all ages!

Light rock, heavy rock, pop rock, popular dance, acoustic rock, folk, country, blues, jazz, pop ballads, oldies from ‘60s back to the the ‘30’s, Irish, sing alongs, children’s songs, polka, bluegrass, etc. A repertoire or OVER 800 SONGS allows Tom to play to virtually any audience.

A great addition that has been tremendously successful is Tom’s own TV-Movie Trivia Game, which pits members of the audience against each other in trying to identify TV and movie themes – a real crowd pleaser!!

Trip to Buffettville- A Jimmy Buffett Tribute

Cast off, put on our flip-flops and grab your boat drinks for a cruise to Island Party Paradise!

Tom captures the true parrot head feel. His repertoire of Buffett songs and other party- island - beach and boat tunes by such artists as: The Beach Boys, Beatles, Billy Joel, Bob Seeger, U2 and more guarantees to keep the crowd entertained and involved. The sound is big and full or large concerts. Perfect for dancing or it can be tailored to smaller, intimate settings. Singing and playing acoustic and electric guitars, with backing tracks that provide the full rhythm of a 5 piece band Tom sounds like the original parrothead! By including additional instruments (sax, flute,harmonica, etc.) he has created an act that is sure to please everyone. for dancing...or it can be tailored for smaller, intimate settings


Americana Program

All your favorites from patriotic songs to songs that celebrate the USA. Songlist may include: America the Beautiful, God Bless America, Born in the USA, Route 66 and more.



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